Roman Żurek

Protection of waters from the perspective of science - Myths and Facts

Polish naturalist, hydrobiologist and environmentalist will host the festival on Friday, 14.11.2014 at 18.15. You can participate his presentation and discuss with him in the small hall of "Posádkový klub”. Free entry.

Roman Żurek is one of the top Polish scientists. A part from his position as a professor at the Polish Academy of Sciences, he is actively responding to practical problems, and intervenes in the affairs of nature conservation and water in particular.

He is engaged in the problems of aquatic ecosystems in relation to the construction of dams and hydroelectric power plants, examines tanks in mountainous and lowland areas, as well as flooded open pits. He participates in several international projects, currently in the Norwegian and Swiss.

He is defendant of some "dumb" projects, so he often comes into conflict with government officials, but also the owners of small hydropower station...

He is currently working on a list of fish that will be used in Poland in evaluating the ecological status of water, which is also a requirement of the WFD (Water Framework Directive) *.

In his presentation he will introduce Polish Water management, will bring examples of the lack of legislative provisions on the protection of nature and their impacts such as the environmental disasters. With his scientific facts he likes to refute myths that officials like to use as arguments.

Polish scientist is interested as well in the status of the Water and the level of achievement of good ecological status of waters in other countries. After his presentation, there will be a room to discuss the state of Slovak waters, room for issues and opinions of spectators.

Roman Żurek Roman Żurek Roman Żurek